FarmVille Jade Falls Items: Chrysanthemum, Lantern Shop and more


If you're not lucky enough to have been given the ability to purchase early access to Jade Falls in FarmVille, you can now at least purchase some limited edition items in the Jade Falls theme, to start celebrating the game's jump into an Asian theme in the proper style! We're here with a look at the new items, which are available to purchase across your farms, and not just in Jade Falls.


Chrysanthemum - 5 Farm Cash

A single square gives you three XP, and can be harvested in 14 hours for 300 coins.


Chinese Chestnut Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Sweet Osmanthus Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Dragon Boat Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Yoshino Cherry Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Chinese Rain Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Tung Oil Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Giant Dragon Boat Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Kwanzan Cherry Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Chinese Duck - 16 Farm Cash
Java Pony - 24 Farm Cash
Dragon Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Lantern Pig - 16 Farm Cash
Asian War Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Golden Dragon - 20 Farm Cash
Chinese Alligator - 2.5 million coins or 14 Farm Cash
Red Arowana (Water Only) - 7 Farm Cash


Summer Manor - 30 Farm Cash
Lantern Shop - 15 Farm Cash


Garden Wall - 1 Farm Cash
Soldier Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Garden Bridge - 10 Farm Cash
Dragon Waterfall - 16 Farm Cash
Garden Table Set - 50,000 coins
Garden Gate - 2 Farm Cash
Duck Dragon Team - 6 Farm Cash

Avatar Clothing

Asia Male Outfit - 5 Farm Cash
Asia Female Outfit - 7 Farm Cash

Even though Jade Falls may not be available for all farmers yet, these items are still on a time limit, so you'll need to decide whether or not to wait for Jade Falls or purchase these items on other farms just so you won't forget. You'll have two weeks to purchase most of these items, while the new limited edition crop will be available for two weeks.

What do you think of these Jade Falls items? Have you been able to make it into this new farm in FarmVille yet? Sound off in the comments.