E3 2012: Square Enix gets award-winning board game to Facebook, mobile

Board game veterans likely know the name Qwirkle, as this color and symbol centric board game has won plenty of awards in the US and beyond (specifically Germany). If you're new to Qwirkle, or just wish there was a way to take the game with you without having to lug around all of its pieces, you'll be happy to know that the folks at MindWare and Square Enix have created Qwirkle for mobile devices (Android and iOS) and even Facebook, and are ready to launch the game later this summer (and yes, it will be cross-platform).

In Qwirkle, you'll play head to head against other players or the computer in an effort to place your colored tiles onto the board while following the game's complex rule system. There are six different colors of tiles, with each color having six different shapes. There are three of each individual tile available in rotation, meaning that you will come across duplicates, but the variety is still quite high.


On each turn, you'll want to place as many of your tiles as the game's rules allow, by placing either like colored tiles in a line (horizontally or vertically) or tiles with like-symbols in a line. You'll earn points for each tile you play, with tiles being allowed to be placed in squares, so long as they fit the matching color and symbol rule. For instance, you can place a green circle tile next to a green square tile and a yellow circle tile, since the tile has both the color green and the circle shape in common.

Unfortunately, Qwirkle is one of those games that is much easier to understand in action than in writing, but feel free to check out our images of the game on the E3 show floor for more.

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