E3 2012: Motley Blocks is like frantic 3D Picross on iOS

... Except without all of the counting. Square Enix's mobile lineup at this year's E3 is something to behold, with one of the most enjoyable titles in the group being Motley Blocks, a hectic 3D puzzle game that tests your reflexes as you try to assemble pixelated objects in the shortest amount of time possible.

At the beginning of each stage (which are separated by difficulty and the complexity of the final image), you'll be able to tap on the screen to send dozens of blocks flying towards the edges of the screen, where they'll start to slowly rotate in a circle. Blocks are colored, and by tapping and dragging your finger from one like-colored block to the next, you'll create explosions, sending those blocks into the center of the screen where they'll start to assemble into your final product. You'll only have three rotations of the entire circular setup to complete said task, so it's easier said than done.

There are power-up squares that allow you to stop or slow the blocks' movement, remove whole sections of the circular area at once (regardless of color) and more, and you can replay each game for a higher score. While the gameplay is simple in both design and execution, it seems like Motley Blocks could really offer mobile gamers a good time when it launches later this year. We'll have more on the game for you when it launches.

Will you download Motley Blocks when it launches later this year? Do you like "puzzle" games that are more slow and deliberate or fast-paced? Sound off in the comments.

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