E3 2012: Koozac is what happens when math meets Tetris


Rounding out the casual mobile lineup at Square Enix's E3 2012 booth was Koozac, a number puzzle game on iOS and Android that asks you to do just a bit of math as you play. Blocks will fall from the top of the screen, with each containing a number (in early rounds, this is something like 1-5). You'll see a number cue in the top left corner of the screen, asking you to create groups of two or more blocks that add up to that number. You'll then simply drag and drop numbers in one of the game's columns to create those groups of blocks (say, placing a three on top of a two if you need to create the number five), which will in turn disappear from the screen.

Koozac offers three gameplay modes. Puzzle offers 60 levels of increasingly difficulty play, with number blocks that fall faster or come with target scores to achieve before you move on, while Endless mode simply tests your endurance and ends when you manually quit or run out of places to put additional number blocks. Finally, the Blitz mode requires a Facebook account, and it gives you 60 seconds to earn the highest score possible in one minute.

In Koozac's Blitz mode, you'll be able to track your scores on leaderboards against your friends, with these leaderboards resetting weekly as has become the standard for such competitive games. While it wasn't confirmed to us in the booth, it appears as though Koozac has all of the makings of a freemium title, as you can purchase boosts in the store with real money, with boosts giving you points multipliers, the ability to slow down the game's speed and so on.

We'll have more on Koozac as the game gets closer to launch this summer, so stay tuned!

Are you excited to give your mind a bit of a math challenge this summer? Sound off in the comments!