CityVille: Play Bubble Safari for free Zoning Permits


Depending on how many active neighbors you have in CityVille, gathering Zoning Permits can be a breeze, or incredibly difficult. In comes a new Bubble Safari promotion to help you out. For a limited time, if you play Bubble Safari on Facebook and reach Region 3 (which will admittedly take some time, if you're unlucky), you'll receive 15 free Zoning Permits for your game back in CityVille.

While 15 Zoning Permits may not be enough to unlock a complete land expansion in your town, it will at least save you (and therefore your friends) from having to send out extra Zoning Permit requests (and then waiting for them to arrive) the old fashioned way.

Will you play Bubble Safari to earn free Zoning Permits in CityVille? Let us know in the comments!

Originally published