Bejeweled bursts onto Japanese shores with Bejeweled Legend

Bejeweled Legend
Bejeweled Legend

It looks like the (supposed) power of GREE works both ways. PopCap Games announced that Bejeweled Legend, a Japanese-localized version of the mega popular match-three game, is available on GREE for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. This is just another step in PopCap's mission to shower the world in exploding gems--err, successfully enter the Asian gaming scene.

"PopCap is already enjoying considerable success in Japan, and Bejeweled Legend is an opportunity to take our biggest franchise to the next level in this market," PopCap sales and marketing manager for Japan Yohei Ogura said in a release. "We are excited to bring the most regionally-customized adaptations of our hit franchise to Japanese audiences."

The first project developed by PopCap's Tokyo studio, Bejeweled Legend is immediately available on the App Store and Google's Japanese app marketplace, which we imagine is Google Play. However, what could possibly be tweaked in Bejeweled for Japanese audiences? (Aside from the pirate theme and scantily clad women, of course.) We always thought Bejeweled was kind of like mathematics, a universal language. You know, with more fun and less ... derivatives.

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