University Employee Charged With Secretly Taping Breast-Pumping Co-Worker

Employers are now required to provide female employees with a private space, other than a bathroom, to pump breast milk. And here's a good reason why: An employee at DeSales University, a private Catholic university, was topless and pumping in her office when she heard something and, looking up, spotted a small hole in a ceiling tile, and what appeared to be a camera lens, reports New York's Daily News.

Last Thursday, John Bednarik II, the director of campus environment (pictured left) for the university in Center Valley, Penn., was charged with one count of misdemeanor invasion of privacy for allegedly setting up a hidden video camera "to allow viewing and recording of (the co-worker) while partly nude, for the purpose of his own sexual arousal and gratification," court records state. Bednarik, 33, reportedly confessed to the electronic peeping during a police interview.

He also handed over the Sony camera, which still contained video of his co-worker, who isn't named for the sake of her privacy.

According to accounts, the woman actually bumped into Bednarik after she saw the camera and hurriedly left her office; she immediately contacted the campus police. Bednarik was promptly fired, reports The Express-Times newspaper. "He no longer works for us," university spokesman Tom McNamara said. "He violated university policy."

Bednarik was released on $10,000 bail, on the condition that he stay away from the woman. She's reportedly still nervous, however, because they allegedly live in the same eastern Pennsylvania neighborhood.

Peeping is one sure-fire way to get yourself fired. Alejandro Gamiz, a maintenance worker at a Southern California Sears, mind find it difficult to get another retail job after allegedly hiding video cameras in the walls of women's restrooms and changing rooms. He was arrested in April, and charged with burglary and surreptitious filming of unsuspecting women.

A North Carolina police officer, Allen Simpson, lost his job last December, after allegations that he spied on a teenage girl, who was allegedly in her room, changing from a towel into a bra and underpants, when she saw a lurking figure outside the door, peering in through the blinds.

Antonio Vasquez was fired from his restaurant job in Oklahoma City last month, after a patron looked up, and allegedly spotted him peering over the side of the next door toilet stall. She reportedly chased him out of the restaurant, and the police later arrested him in the nearby woods.

You may not have to be a pillow-fighting college co-ed to attract the gaze of a peeping Tom. You can just be going to the bathroom. Or pumping breast milk.

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