'Neighbor from Hell' Goes To Jail After Harassing Minn. Family

A Minnesota woman described as a "neighbor from hell" started serving a 90-sentence Monday for harassing a family living across the street from her home.

Lori Christensen, of White Bear Lake, was issued a restraining order after hurling obscenities, making lewd gestures, videotaping the family and hanging signs with messages such as, "I saw mommy kissing a breathalyzer." The 49-year-old executive assistant was sentenced to the Ramsey County Workhouse, Reuters reports, after violating probation by ignoring the order to stop her harassing behavior. (For more on the case view the video below.)

Couple Claims to Have the 'Neighbor From Hell'
Couple Claims to Have the 'Neighbor From Hell'

"Neighbors from hell," it seems, each have their own special ways of making their neighbors' lives miserable. While Christensen has only been harassing her neighbors for a few years, residents of a home in Berkeley, Calif., have intimidated their neighbors with nuisance and criminal behavior for nearly 40, but as reported here last month, they also are finally facing a crackdown by authorities.

Some other notable "signs" from recent years of "neighbors from hell":

A resident in Colorado posted noticeto potential buyers of the home next door listing the reasons why he'd be terrible to live next to.

A giant sculpture of an obscene gesture that one Australian displayed in his front yard after complaints about his landscaping.

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