E3 2012: Madden NFL Social tries the play again this fall on Facebook

Madden NFL Social Facebook
Madden NFL Social Facebook

EA made some edits to its social playbook, and it wants to make Madden work on Facebook. The publisher announced Madden NFL Social for Facebook, set to launch this fall along with the 2012-2013 NFL season. The game seems to take a different approach to sports gaming on the social network, as it focuses more on asynchronous play between friends and connectivity with Madden Social on iOS devices.

For instance, players go head-to-head in Madden Crossfire, a 3D, all-offense mode in which players trade off plays against one another regardless of whether they play on their iOS device or Facebook. Of course, players will get to manage their teams using a card-based system, just like in EA's first crack at Madden on Facebook. Check out all of the details over at the official Madden NFL Social page, and we'll likely have more come later this week when the E3 show floor opens up.


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