FarmVille Mystery Game (06/03/12): Celebrate true love with new wedding items

The items in the FarmVille Mystery Game have been cycled out this evening, bringing new prizes to the game for you to win for your many farms. This week's theme is "wedding," with appropriately themed animals and decorations now being available to win!

There are six items to win in this week's game, so here's the lineup of what you can expect to walk away with, according to the folks at FVNation.

Bride Cow
Camellia Unicorn
Flower Girl Duck
Groom Bull
Wedding Cake Fountain
Wedding Carriage

If you win all six of these items, you'll receive one extra prize at no additional charge: the Ring Bearer Gnome. Just remember, actually winning all six of these items will likely be a costly endeavor, so you'll want to reevaluate your Farm Cash supplies before trying for the clean sweep.

As usual, the items in this week's Mystery Game will only be available until next Sunday, when they'll be replaced by a new selection of items. Play now if you want your chance at these! Good luck!

Will you throw any darts at this week's Mystery Game board in FarmVille? Which prize did you want to win? Which prize did you actually end up winning? Sound off in the comments.