Ascend: New Gods: Facebook-style asynchronous gaming comes to Xbox

ascend new gods asynchronous multiplayer
ascend new gods asynchronous multiplayer

The Ascend: New Gods trailer below looks nothing like a Facebook game, but one of the more compelling things about this third-person action role-playing game -- not that fact that it looks like God of War for the Xbox -- but that there an asynchronous multiplayer component. That means you can play games with your friends, but it doesn't have to be at the same time. Play when you want, a la Words with Friends or, dare I say, FarmVille.

This unique "parallel online action" wasn't detailed during the game's announcement at today's Xbox Press Conference at E3 2012, but the game's official website says that you will be able to play "with AND against other gamers over Xbox LIVE as you each journey through your own private yet parallel paths to Ascension. As you advance through your own single-player game, you'll see other players adventuring in their own identical worlds."

Ascend: New Gods also contains a connected mobile component where you can build up your stats on the go, similar to how you were able to build up your Galactic Readiness score by playing Mass Effect Infiltrator or Mass Effect Datapad when forced to spend time away from your gaming console of choice.

There wasn't much very casual or very social about Xbox's big announcements this year, but this game in particular seemed to be giving a (bloody, violent) nod to the exploding mobile and social gaming scene. Ascend: New Gods will be available on Xbox Live later this year.

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