Georgia Unemployment Guide

If you've recently lost your job in Georgia, you may be eligible for Georgia Unemployment Insurance benefits. This is a guide to filing your claim for Georgia unemployment benefits. Since each situation may have its own unique circumstances, make sure you check with the contact numbers and websites listed below to make sure you get the maximum benefits you can claim.

Filing for Unemployment:

Unemployed Georgia workers can file a claim for unemployment benefits online, on the telephone, or at a local Georgia Department of Labor Career Center.

  1. Online - Certify for Benefits over the Internet
  2. Telephone – Call Georgia's Interactive Voice Response System OLIVoR
  3. In Person – Find your local GDOL Career Center
File your claim right away after you've stopped working – don't delay. Your claim starts the date you filed online or called. Benefits are not retroactive, so if you delay you may lose benefits.

When you file your initial unemployment benefit application, you will need the following information:

  • Name & address
  • SSN
  • Separation notice or letter from firmer employer if one was issued
  • Name, address, and dates worked for all employers over the past 18 months
  • If you wish to have benefits paid through direct deposit, bring a check with your account number and bank routing number
  • If you were discharged from the military in the last 18 months, you'll need Copy #4 of your DD Form 214
  • If you were a Federal employee in the last 18 months, you'll need SF 8 or SF 50 (or W2 or pay stubs)
  • If you are not a US Citizen, you'll need your Alien Registration Number, expiration, and type
Filing Your Weekly Claim:

Georgia unemployment benefits will range from $44 to $330 per week, based on your wages over the base period. Federal Additional Compensation (FAC) currently adds an additional $25 per week to your benefit payments. Starting July 1, 2012, the maximum number of weeks that cam be claimed ranges from 14-20.

After your initial filing the Georgia Department of Labor will mail you a determination letter 14-21 days after filing, describing weekly benefit amounts, number of weeks to be paid, and total benefit amount. Make sure to continue filing weekly claims during that time.

You can file your weekly benefits form online, over the telephone, or in person:

  1. Online - Claim Weekly Benefits Online
  2. Telephone – Call Georgia's Interactive Voice Response System OLIVoR
  3. In Person – Find your local GDOL Career Center
The Georgia Department of Labor offers career services at your local GDOL Career Center or a wider variety of services at One Stop Centers. Other resources for unemployed workers can be found on the Georgia Department of Labor's website.

Health Insurance benefits may be available to you through the Health Coverage Tax Credit - Check for details.

Filing for extensions:

The State Extended Benefits (SEB) Program for Georgia ended on March 26, 2012. Check the Georgia Department of Labor's SEB website for updates and more details.

Ending Unemployment:

This part's easy – do nothing. When you stop weekly filing, your unemployment benefits automatically end.


If you have any problems filing online of on the telephone, call 404-232-3001 (Atlanta area) or 866-873-5676 (Outside Atlanta area) between 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday – Friday.

See the Georgia Department of Labor's list of frequently asked questions for more information.

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