Hidden Chronicles Zeus Statue: Everything you need to know


In the endless journey to earn more Mastery Trophies in Hidden Chronicles, we all too quickly run out of energy. While energy boosts sent to and from friends can help extend our time with the game, the only surefire way to keep playing longer is to purchase energy with Estate Cash. Luckily, the amount of time we have to wait for energy to recharge will (in theory) be decreased by a new item that's now available to build on our Estates: Zeus' Statue.

Zeus' Statue is available to purchase from the game's store for just 100 coins. For the record, when it's complete, you'll receive 700 Estate Points that will help you unlock additional scenes, but we all know that's not the big draw here. To actually complete the Zeus Statue, you'll need to collect a variety of building materials with the help of friends.

  • 7 3-Wheeled Pullies

  • 7 Lightning Batteries

  • 7 Lightning Bolts

  • 7 Marble Chisels

  • 7 Sculptor's Hammers

  • 7 Thunder Rods

As usual, these items can be earned in a variety of ways, with the 3-Wheeled Pulleys, Lightning Batteries and Lightning Bolts coming from general news items you can post on your wall (especially helpful when playing on Zynga.com), and the other three items coming from individual requests sent to your neighbors. You can also purchase these items with Estate Cash, although that's an incredibly costly option.

Either way, as you build the Zeus Statue, you'll be able to work on an accompanying quest that asks you to place the Statue, assemble a crew of five friends (simply ask your friends to come work on the statue with you) and hide four packages on friends' Estates. You'll receive a Thunder Rod in exchange, so it (of course) would be more helpful to complete this quest before actually completing the Zeus Statue so that the Thunder Rod can be put to use.

Once all of this is said and done, you'll be able to use the Zeus Statue once every 24 hours to receive free energy bolts. It appears as though the amount of energy offered each day might be random, but if not, we'll make sure to update this space when we determine what the standard energy prize really is. Stay tuned!

Will you build a Zeus Statue on your Estate's land, or do you think the energy return won't be worth the time required to actually build it? Sound off in the comments.