FarmVille: Get your free Mini Longhorn Cow before he runs away


It's time to head out to the edge of our farmland in FarmVille again this weekend, as a new Lonely Animal has appeared for a limited time. In the past, these Lonely Animals have been disappointing duplicates of many animals we already had plenty of, but this newest animal is definitely worth the effort. For the next two days (and nine hours), you'll have a chance to lure a cute Mini Longhorn Cow into your game.

Even though the cow is smaller than other animals, you'll still need the same amount of help to actually get the cow to come into your farm. You'll need to ask five friends to come help you out, or you can purchase the cow outright with Farm Cash. Either way, remember to make a move fast, as once the next two days are up, this Mini Longhorn Cow will disappear from the edges of our farms, and will likely be unavailable in the game for quite some time, if it ever comes back at all.

Good luck earning the required amount of help in time to earn a free Mini Longhorn Cow!

Have you already started working on luring the Mini Longhorn Cow into your farm? What do you think of its over-sized head and small body? Sound off in the comments.