Zynga will get Unreal on its players with 'mid-core' games [Rumor]

Unreal on Facebook
Unreal on Facebook

Now, two words you never thought you'd ever see in the same sentence. According to Pocket Gamer, social game giant Zynga looks to create games focused more on the fabled "mid-core" audience of social gamers, using the popular Unreal engine. Now that Unreal has made its way to Flash, all bets are off--at least in theory--for far more handsome games on Facebook.

Pocket Gamer cites several sources in its report, namely comments from an industry analyst made to Gamasutra. The news site also reports that Zynga is expected to launch at least two new games this summer, along with a sequel to FarmVille. But back to this Unreal Engine business for a moment.

It strikes us as odd that Zynga would, in a way, about face from its casual audience and opt to make games better suited for "core" gamers. However, it has been Zynga's mission for a long time to enter a category and dominate--any category. This could very well be the next area of gaming that the social gaming company looks to conquer. That all depends upon whether the "core" gamers buy it, of course.

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