With six games and its platform in tow, GREE at E3 is no joke

Gree iPhone Android
Gree iPhone Android

Social games might not be a huge deal at next week's annual E3 in Los Angeles, but mobile social game network GREE will be damned if they're not noticed. Forget about the huge party (featuring tunes courtesy of Girl Talk)--GREE is there to show some games. In fact, the developer slash publisher has six games to show along with how they'll look on its network. Here are all six games, straight from the horse's mouth:

Driland (GREE) -- Coming Soon
Driland is a popular card battle game from Japan. Explore dungeons and fight monsters to collect treasure and hunter cards. Collaborate with friends to defeat the strongest beasts and gather rare valuables to strengthen your deck as you progress through the game and participate in a variety of quests.

Wacky Motors (GREE) -- Coming Soon
Utilize super weapons and flashy tricks to beat your rivals to the checkered flag in this fast-paced, user-friendly car racing game. Collect custom parts to improve your cart's performance or just aim to have the best looking set of wheels on the track!

Closet Wars (CrowdStar) -- July 2012
For the first time ever, attendees are invited to check out CrowdStar's newest game - Closet Wars. This game asks players to become fashions hottest new designer and woo A-list clients as they design fabulous outfits and travel to the fashion capitals of the world for style inspiration. Trade garments, upgrade your favorite looks, create unforgettable fashion moments, and rule the fashion world!

Shaking Vegas (Vostu) -- July 2012
Check out Vostu's newest mobile game where users can play the hottest casino game machine and become a legend! Shaking Vegas is a fun, fast and addictive match-3 collapse game where groups of three or more blocks of the same color need to be cleared in order to achieve the best score, level up, and to unlock amazing new upgrades. Users will also be able to play in weekly tournaments competing with their social platform friends.

Resident Evil VS. (tentative title) (Capcom) -- Coming Soon
Resident Evil arrives on the GREE platform with an added social feature! Fight together with your buddies in multi-play, and survive the never ending battle in team play!

Gang Domination (Gameloft) -- June 2012
Gang Domination is a social card game in a world of powerful gangs. Each gangster is an artfully-designed card. As the boss, lead your gang to clear quests and defeat bosses alone or with friends. Users can also challenge rivals in player versus player mode.

It's interesting for GREE to place such a focus on E3, especially considering the event's deep "hardcore" roots. If anything, it speaks to the encroachment of mobile and social gaming on the core gaming scene. Of course, we'll have more information on what GREE has to show off at this year's E3 next week.

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