Is Domino! for iPhone the next Words With Friends? [Video]

Domino! on iPhone
Domino! on iPhone

Face it: Turn-based gaming is where its at on iPhone and Android. We've seen everything from Scrabble to Pictionary and Boggle get its own turn-based treatment for our pockets, but there's one classic game we've yet to see ... until now. It's called Domino!, a free-to-play, asynchronous version of the board game of the same name for iPhone and iPad.

Crafted by Philadelphia-based Flyclops, Domino! isn't much more than a glossy, polished take on a points-centric board game, but so was Words With Friends and look where that gem is on the charts. Plus, there's something to be said of that gloss. Since the game was essentially already there, you can imagine much of the time spent on the game was to make it look and play as slick as possible.

Like any good turn-based game on iPhone, Domino! lets players link their Facebook account as well as rope in friends to play with via Twitter, email and user name. And if you want to meet new people via Domino!, a random game option is there too. (If you're a total loner, you can even play against a computer opponent.) Domino! already has a lot going for it in terms of mass appeal, but let's save those thoughts for a review. Until then, why not give the game shot--it is free, after all.

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