CityVille Amphitheater: Everything you need to know


With the arrival of Broadway Musicals in CityVille, our towns had already taken a step towards becoming the virtual entertainment capitals of all of Facebook, but with the release of the new concert Amphitheater, that has officially all gone over the edge. We already know that Train is the first band to appear as part of this addition to the game, but you'll need to build the Amphitheater before you can actually use it.

The Amphitheater is available for users that have reached at least level 20 in the game, and is a glorified businesses that adds 500 Downtown Value points to your downtown expansion. Once it's built, you can upgrade it to actually hold concerts, with the first upgrade requiring you to collect 25 building materials with the help of friends and then collect 5 VIP Passes. These Passes drop when tending "Encore Amphitheater" businesses, which include the Ticket Booth, Souvenir Stand, Concession Stand and Outdoor Lounge. These businesses can be purchased either City Cash or coins in the game's store.

Altogether, there are five new musical acts that will be available to book in this concert Amphitheater, with Train just being the first. Holding a Train concert costs 150 Goods and will earn you 750 coins and 20 shoppers, that will then go out and spend money twice as fast at businesses as normal. This all happens within a five minute period, and other concerts are likely to function in the same way.

There's no guarantee that the other musical acts in this concert feature will be real world musicians or imaginary bands created by Zynga, but make sure to keep checking out your Amphitheater to find out more.

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

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