Buggle on Facebook: Help free the bees in this honey-themed bubble popper


While it's easy to compare most every bubble-popping game on Facebook to standout hits like Bubble Witch Saga, cookapp's Buggle on Facebook is more identical to Zynga's Bubble Safari, with both experiencing amazing growth over the last month. While different in theme, Buggle and Bubble Safari are so much alike, and have become popular at so identical a time that it might be hard to determine which one actually came first.

Sitting at 3.8 million monthly users according to AppData (a growth of almost three million players in a single month), Buggle asks you to complete levels with one simple goal: free bees that are trapped in bubbles, allowing them to fall to the bottom of the screen. You'll need to destroy all of the bubbles keeping the bees suspended in the air by creating matches of like-colored bubbles with your bubble cannon, and any bubbles that fall freely away from the equation will fall into one of five honey jars at the bottom of the screen (similar to the fruit barrels in Bubble Safari).


There are power-ups to purchase with the coins you earn, and each stage comes with a star rating based on your own performance. You can climb each level's leaderboards, comparing your stats to friends, and the game's difficulty ramps up accordingly as you progress, with more difficult original bubble templates and bubbles that contain Worker Bees that you must avoid hitting.

All told, Buggle's rapid growth helps further prove the popularity and recent dominance of the bubble-popping genre on Facebook, so if you have it in you to try yet another bubble-popping game, why not give this one a try?

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