Swamp People sloshes from your TV to your iPhone and iPad

Swamp People iPhone
Swamp People iPhone

Has your neck recovered from that double-take? Good, because this is no joke. A&E Television Networks and History have released a mobile game tie-in for its (somehow) hit reality TV series Swamp People. Known by the same name as its television-borne predecessor, Swamp People lets players build their very own home base in the swamps of Louisiana for absolutely free.

But wait, there's more: Players also get venture out into the swamplands with various upgradeable boats and weapons to hunt six different types of gators. A variety of gator traps are also at players' disposal as they hunt in a full-blown 3D bayou. These boats aren't just for hunting, however, as players can race against computer-controlled swampers across eight courses.

Of course, Game Center tracks all the gator-gating and stacks you up against your friends. Interested yet? No? Well, nothing else we say can help then, aside from that this is likely the only game on the App Store that lets you hunt down alligators in the swamps of the south. Good or bad, that has to count for something ... right?

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