Share your passion with other gamers on Pixwoo, now in the US


While we already know that social networking platform Pixwoo is out to woo some major game developers, we'll now finally be able to see what the big fuss is about, as the platform officially launched in the United States today (Pixwoo has already launched in the UK and France).

While Pixwoo can initially be described as another version of "Facebook," with individual profile pages, friends, the ability for users to follow their favorite developers, games and so on, the platform offers lots of exclusive features for video gaming professionals, from publishers and developers to soundtrack composers and even those in public relations (in fact, the point of Pixwoo is to be the "video gamer's social network"). Each individual or company can have its own page, where users can sign up for newsletter reminders, vote in polls or surveys or simply keep up-to-date with the latest happenings of these industry pros.

In addition to these features, Pixwoo will offer recommendations to online gamers for new games to try or site-based groups to join based on their own interests and information posted on their individual Pixwoo profiles.

"Pixwoo was created to provide a platform for all types of gamers and industry members to connect and communicate with one another," said Pascal Vielhescaze, CEO and founder of Pixwoo, via a company press release. "The world of video games is such a rich and content-filled one. The video game world has expanded beyond people who play video games and has infiltrated pop culture and lifestyles in general. We wanted to create a dedicated social networking space for everyone interested in video games to come together and share their passion. We want everyone in the industry asking each other: 'Do you Pixwoo?'"

With partnerships with major gaming companies like Sega, Ubisoft and Namco, Pixwoo definitely wants to be taken seriously, and interested gamers in the US can now sign up for an account by visiting

Have you created an account on Pixwoo? What do you think of video game-centric social networks as opposed to the broad scope of Facebook? Sound off in the comments.