Pioneer Trail 2 Year Anniversary: Everything you need to know


June marks the two-year anniversary of Pioneer Trail (originally FrontierVille) on Facebook, and to celebrate, Zynga is throwing a party of epic proportions on the Homestead. This comes via the launch of a large float that can be built and upgraded, goals that can be completed and rewards that can be earned along the way. Here's a look at this new feature, and how to complete the goals that come with it!

Runnin' Amok

  • Buy 1 Huge Silver Font

  • Harvest 10 Sparklers

  • Collect 10 Sweetsap Syrup

You'll buy the Huge Silver Font (which is actually a fountain) in the special 2-Year Anniversary market. Meanwhile, Sparklers can be planted and harvested after four hours, while the Sweetsap Syrup drops at random when tending Pine Trees. You'll receive Jack's Float, two Party Popper Trees and Country Cider (a decoration) for completing this goal.

Rodeo on Wheels

  • Craft 2 Frontier Fire Fountain

  • Collect 8 Leather Feed Bags

  • Complete Bess' Float

The Frontier Fire Fountains can be crafted using Small Fuses and Harnessed Flames, both of which can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you. The Leather Feed Bags are earned by tending horses that can't be ridden. You'll receive two more Party Popper Trees and the Sunbeam Filly for finishing this second goal.

Twins on Parade

  • Place 2 Confetti Trees

  • Collect 20 Corn Husks

  • Complete Hank & Fanny's Float

The Corn Husks can be earned by tending corn, while you can ask your friends to send you the Confetti Trees. Finish this goal and you'll walk away with an Anniversary Crate and a new expansion for your Orchard, adding 250 more storage slots for trees on your Homestead.

Jail Cell-ebration

  • Craft 3 Frontier Fire Fountains

  • Collect 12 Delicate Flowers

  • Complete Sheriff Mae's Float

The Delicate Flowers drop at random when tending Wildflowers on your Homestead. For completing this goal, you'll receive three Crazier Cakes and a Book of XP that will automatically launch you to the next in-game level.

Along with all of these goals and prizes, remember that you can purchase new two-year anniversary themed items in the game's store, and can even send your friends free "Festive Balloons" items from the game's free gifts page (hopefully to receive some back for yourself in exchange). Good luck completing this birthday event in Pioneer Trail!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

Have you been playing Pioneer Trail / FrontierVille since the beginning of its life on Facebook? What do you think of the current state of the game? Let us know in the comments!