Game of the Day: Sarah Quest: The Pharaoh's Trap

Save the Quest family legacy in today's Game of the Day, Sarah Quest: The Pharaoh's Trap, an adventure match-3 puzzler set in the ruins of Egypt. Armed with just dynamite and her brains, Sarah Quest must brave treacherous traps to advance through the tombs of Pharaohs for treasure.

Fifty levels of puzzling action across ten burial sites are needed to beat this game, and while this is a match-3 game, it's unique because it contains multiple play modes. For example, Arcade mode is the most regular one, where you need to clear a certain number of rows. Locked mode has chained up blocks that you must free by making matches. Puzzle mode requires the most trial and error, but lucky for you, there's an undo button. If you love a little bit of variety in your match-3 puzzlers, Sarah Quest: The Pharaoh's Trap is the treasure you're looking for.

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