CityVille Fantasm Theater: Everything you need to know


After the Dogs theater opened in CityVille's "Best of Broadway" event, we were promised two additional theaters to build and operate in our towns, with the first of those two theaters now being available. This one is called the "Fantasm Theater," and it's now available to build in your city.

You'll need to collect 30 building materials to complete the construction of the Fantasm Theater, which can be thought of as a hotel, rather than an actual theater. You'll need the following items, which can be earned via general news posts or individual requests sent to your neighbors:

  • 10 Push Brooms

  • 10 Scripts

  • 5 Sheet Music

  • 5 Toolboxes

To finish off the Fantasm Theater, you'll need to earn 150 building points and even ask nine Staff Members to come and work in the building, making this another multi-step building process as was the case with the Dogs Theater. When you finish this Fantasm Theater, your friends will be able to check-in to the building as guests (like they would a hotel) when visiting your town. You'll need to supply the Fantasm Theater with 500 Goods to set it into operation, and will receive at least 3,150 coins each time you collect your profits.

If you're into this Broadway feature in CityVille, make sure to complete this second theater before the third launches sometime in the future, as it will place even more work on your plate. Good luck!

[Via CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of this Fantasm Theater? Have you had a chance to complete the construction on the Dogs Theater yet? Sound off in the comments.

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