BraveSmart: Build a village in the Scottish Highlands on iOS and Android

While the controversy surrounding the cloning of Triple Town on iOS may have left the public eye, the gameplay setup of matching three individual items to create something more complex has come back to mobile devices yet again with the launch of flaregames' BraveSmart on iOS (as well as Android). Set in the Scottish Highlands, BraveSmart's twist on the Triple Town formula comes with pieces that are automatically placed in the environment, eliminating the more in-depth control you were given in Triple Town.

BraveSmart is also setup in a level-based format, with each level being a sort of puzzle, asking you to construct a certain number of complex town buildings using wood planks, pieces of coal and even mine carts. Pieces are placed by villagers, with one villager being assigned to each kind of material. When three or more like materials are touching on the level's hexagonal grid, you can drag your finger over them to create a new item, with the item sitting on last square you ultimately touched. When you finish a level, you'll earn a star rating (with a maximum of three stars being available on each level), and can then move on to complete the same process all over again, but with a different initial layout of items or different obstacles in the way.

You'll be limited in the number of times you can "Undo" an action, and will also be given a limited amount of weights that can be dropped on items to clear a space entirely, but even these power-ups don't stop BraveSmart from becoming incredibly challenging incredibly fast. This is a situation where deliberate strategy is required in order to not back yourself into a corner, where the level eventually becomes impossible to complete (as you'll run out of destruction weights).


BraveSmart offers a clever twist on the Triple Town formula, but the game's quick increase in difficulty is rather daunting to say the least. Still, the game is now available to download on both iOS and Android devices, so feel free to give it a try.

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Have you tried BraveSmart or any other game like it? Do you think you could like this gameplay better than Triple Town's? Sound off in the comments.

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