Celebrate the elements in Mahjongg Dimensions Blast [Exclusive]


Over the next week, a new theme of boosts will roll out in Arkadium's Mahjongg Dimensions Blast on Facebook, offering players a chance to celebrate the natural elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Of these different Puzzle Boosts, only the Air and Fire options are available now, with the Fire Puzzle being available to purchase in blocks of 10 for 50 Facebook Credits (or $5 US).

As for the Earth and Water Puzzle Boosts, both of these will be available to access on June 4. In the meantime, you can look forward to all four of these puzzles being easier than the standard game, offering fewer symbols to match and granting the ability to earn tons of points as a result. Only the Fire Puzzle Boost is a Super Puzzle, which is larger than the others, but still fairly simple in terms of how many different symbols are available on the tile blocks.

Regardless of the Puzzle Boost you activate, you'll be met with a themed background and tiles to match, which will help keep your time with the game fresh. Just make sure to play these four themed puzzles while you can, as they won't be around forever. As an added bonus, players that collect all four of these Puzzle Boosts before June 11 can look forward to unlocking a free Elements VIP Boost which will give them "even more power during the puzzle-solving process," according to Arkadium. Good luck earning those massive scores!

Are you excited to try out these four new Puzzle Boosts in Mahjongg Dimensions? What's your high score in the game thus far? Sound off in the comments.