Google Chrome and Flash not playing nice? Here's how to fix that

Chrome Flash Error
Chrome Flash Error

Have you Facebook and social gamers may been playing less and staring at taunting jigsaw puzzle pieces more? Then you must be playing your favorite games on the hottest browser around, Google Chrome. Well, it's looking a little chill these days, thanks to some pesky Flash player crashes that many players (including this writer) have experienced over the past week.

That's where CE Gamers comes in. The social games fansite has posted a handy guide on how to potentially solve your Flash--the main tool used to play and make social games--woes in a jiffy. It all boils down to the fact that, unlike most browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer, Flash is built right into Chrome and updated almost automatically.

The error you're seeing across pages every now and then probably reads, "The following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash." This actually has nothing to do with Shockwave, which CE Gamers gets into in depth in its guide for how to thwart this dastardly error. Just follow the steps, and you should see Chrome back to its speedy senses in no time. Check out the guide in full right here.

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