Game of the Day: The Book of Treasures


Part mystery, part adventure, all word game -- in today's Game of the Day, The Book of Treasures, you play as Jessica, a librarian hunting for a lost Egyptian manuscript. One day, Jessica finds a secret room in an ancient library with 35 envelopes, each envelope contains 6 letters that you can use to make as many words as possible within two minutes. Landing the right word will reveal a piece of the Egyptian manuscript.

Each envelope represents one level, so there are 35 levels. To beat a level, you just need to find the manuscript piece and you don't even have to guess every word to do it! If you've guessed every word you can, then press "Finish Level" and lucky players may find they've already gotten the word. This works in Quest Mode, but also in Endless Mode and Timeless Mode. But if you want a high score, you'll want to find all the words. If you love word games, The Book of Treasures is a fun and beautiful game worth trying.

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