FarmVille 3rd Anniversary Fountain: Everything you need to know


It might not seem like enough time has passed, but Zynga is ready to celebrate FarmVille's third anniversary on Facebook with the launch of the Anniversary Fountain. The Fountain can be found at the side of your farm and then upgraded through four levels in a timed event. Each stage of the construction has its own time limit, similar to the setup with the Garden Tea Party that launched in April. Here's a detailed rundown of the different stages and the prizes you'll receive at the end.

Stage 1: Party Goods Requirements

  • 6 Anniversary Gifts

  • 6 Party Centerpieces

  • 10 Cupcakes

You can ask your friends to send you these items, or can purchase them with Farm Cash. You'll receive a 3-Year Hot Air Balloon for finishing this first stage of the event.

Stage 2: Party Favors Requirements

  • Collect 10 Party Favors

You'll need to ask your friends to send you Party Favors by posting a general news feed item on your wall. You'll receive a Party Goat for completing this stage.

Stage 3: Party Planners Requirements

  • Invite 8 Friends to Help Plan the Birthday Party

You'll invite these friends via individual requests sent out to each friend. You'll receive a "Settling Stallion" for completing this step.

Stage 4: Party Celebration Requirements

  • 10 Animal Balloons

  • 15 Party Hats

  • 15 Fountain Flowers

You can earn these items via a combination of general news items and individual requests fro friends, or you can purchase them with Farm Cash. Also be on the lookout for free items posted on your friends' news feeds. You'll finally receive the finished Birthday Fountain for completing this fourth stage, and you'll have until June 13 to finish off this final stage. Overall, if you finish one stage before another, you can pay Farm Cash to unlock the next stage early, or just wait for it to unlock on its own. Good luck finishing everything in time!

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