CastleVille: Play Zynga Bingo for free prizes

In Zynga's second round of cross-promotional activities amongst its many games and Zynga Bingo, CastleVille players have finally been given some incentive to play Zynga's Bingo game on Facebook, as they are now being offered three prizes for reaching Level 6 in that number daubing game.

Once you reach Level 6 in Zynga Bingo, you'll be able to come back to your Kingdom in CastleVille and will receive two Gold Bricks, three Hypercrafts and a potion worth 30 Energy points. Remember, the different rooms in Zynga Bingo offer different amounts of experience points per number daubed, so you'll want to keep track of how many points you'll earn per daub, per room, in order to reach Level 6 as quickly and painlessly as possible.

There's no guarantee that this cross-promotion and its prizes will be active forever, so make sure to play Zynga Bingo sooner, rather than later, in order to earn all of these prizes.

Will you try Zynga Bingo to earn free items in CastleVille? Had you already reached Level 6 before this promotion launched? Sound off in the comments.
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