CastleVille: The Unicorn Migration comes with new items for your kingdom


The launch of the Unicornucopia quests and party in CastleVille is really only part of the game's new Unicorn-themed event, as new limited edition items have also been added to the game's store for your shopping pleasure. There are only nine items available to purchase as of this writing, but it's enough to get you started at truly decorating your Kingdom to welcome these magical new creatures.

Pink Unicorn Tree - 15 Crowns
Rainbow Flower - 5,000 coins
Unicorn Breastplate (Female only) - 12 Crowns
Unicorn Cottage - 29 Crowns
Unicorn Crossing Sign - 30 Reputation Points
Unicorn Helmet (Male only) - 6 Crowns
Unicorn Horse - 25 Crowns
Unicorn Skirt (Female only) - 5,000 coins
Unicorn Tiara (Female only) - 6 Crowns

As a bit of clarification, the Unicorn Horse is a regular horse dressed in a unicorn costume, so both names definitely work in its name. While there's no specific expiration date listed alongside these items, we do know they'll only be available for a limited time, so shop fast while we know they're still available.

What do you think of the new Unicornucopia themed items in the CastleVille marketplace? Sound off in the comments.