Backyard Monsters rides Mobage into battle on iOS, Android this summer

Backyard Monsters iPhone Android
Backyard Monsters iPhone Android

Social game maker Kixeye isn't satisfied with conquering your free time on Facebook. No, now the developer is keen on hitting you where it hurts the most: your pocket. Backyard Monsters, Kixeye's most popular social game, is headed for iOS and Android devices this summer through a partnership with ngmoco (and DeNA by extension) and its Mobage network.

In the mobile version of the game, players will have access to 15 varieties of monsters at launch to build their empires and assault their friends' home bases. Backyard Monsters on mobile will feature Facebook Connect for such invasions and alliances. We're sure this version of the strategy hit will include copious amounts of tower building and wild monster attacks.

"Our focus is developing super high quality games for the browser, but this is an opportunity for us to experiment on the mobile platform and broaden the reach of one of our most successful games," Kixeye SVP of Marketing Brandon Barber said in a release. "We're confident mobile users will enjoy spilling blood in Backyard Monsters just as much as they do on Facebook."

It will be interesting to see whether Kixeye manages to make an entertaining free-to-play, social strategy game on mobile devices. Save for gems like Battle Nations, the sub genre has been somewhat barren or devoid of fun, so Backyard Monsters has a tall order to fill ... or destroy.

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