Tap Creepy Manor: Get your mobile spook on, now for free


After releasing at the first of May with a price tag of $0.99, Pocket Gems' Tap Creepy Manor has gone free-to-play, which is the standard for the developer's many games in its "Tap" franchise (Tap Pet Hotel, Tap Dragon Park, etc.). That interesting time period as a paid app notwithstanding, the game comes with all of the free-to-play gimmicks you'd expect, as you build a massive manor with spooky rooms for the game's many kinds of guests.

Tap Creepy Manor can be compared to the (now closed) Facebook game Hotel City, in that you'll be able to build your manor from the ground up by stacking rooms of different shapes and sizes on top of one another. Each room, regardless of size or function, has three building stages that take time to complete (and coins to start), and each room tends to add one unique character to the manor. Likewise, each room will generate coins in profit or "rent" for you, allowing you to continue the cycle of constructing more rooms and eventually expanding your manor to hold more rooms over time.

There's an in-game quest system that pushes progress along, and ghosts that appear at random that can be tapped on for a few extra coins. You'll earn achievements for most in-game actions, especially those that introduce a new type of character to a room (of the more than 25 that are available as of this writing). You'll also be able to upgrade specific rooms by repairing broken down furniture or adding pets to them, but overall, Tap Creepy Manor is still a very light experience in terms of complexity.

While Tap Creepy Manor can be played by your lonesome, the game's social features do allow you to visit your friends' manors and tap on ghosts while there, along with simply being able to look at the different room arrangements and guests they've welcomed to their game. Still, the social aspect of the game is hidden within a rarely used menu, so it's clearly not the focus.


All told, Tap Creepy Manor seems to be a bit too basic to draw players in for the long haul, but if you're interested in trying a freemium game with a darker theme, it's now completely free to give this one a shot.

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