Speed Racer: The Beginning Giveaway

speed race begining free giveaway iphone
speed race begining free giveaway iphone

This week, Games.com is doing a massive Speed Racer giveaway in celebration of the new iPhone game, Speed Racer: The Beginning. Thanks to our friends at Social Games International, we'll be dishing out a ton of awesome Speed Racer merchandise to four lucky Games.com fans for FREE. Of course, our winners will also receive

Four lucky winners will each win:

  • 1 Speed Racer Mach Five Limited Edition Collectible

  • 1 Speed Racer Comic

  • 1 Speed Racer T-shirt

  • 1 Speed Racer Game Soundtrack

  • Speed Racer: The Beginning for iPhone/iPad

So whether you're a veteran fan of the old Speed Racer show, or a new fan interested in the new addictive iPhone game, this is one free giveaway you do not want to miss. Find out how to enter below.

How to Win:

Step 1. Click this 'Like' button to share the free Speed Racer: The Beginning Giveaway with your friends:

Step 2.
Go to our Facebook fanpage and click 'Like'. This enables you to leave us posts.

Step 3. Leave a post on our Facebook fanpage telling us the following:

Speed Racer's car, the Mach Five, has tons of awesome gadgets and abilities. It can jump, has rotary saws, and can drive on walls with its grip tires! If you were to give your own vehicle a crazy feature, what would it be and why? Be creative, the more detail the better!

(Ex. My car would be able to drive on its side to easily move through rush hour traffic.)

Next week, the Games.com council of elders will choose four winners and reach out to them on Facebook for their shipping address. So if you leave a post, definitely check your Facebook inbox and submission next week.

Sound easy enough? Good luck!

Note: To enter you must be a resident of the United States and have a Facebook account.