CastleVille: Upgrade your Storage Cellar to hold 1,000 items

When the Storage Cellar launched in CastleVille in December, it was originally upgradeable to Level 5, which gave you a maximum item storage capacity of 500 individual items, including duplicates. Apparently, that just wasn't enough space to store all of the seasonal or otherwise rare decorations and items that many users have accumulated in their kingdoms, so the Storage Cellar has been given one more upgrade.

This sixth upgrade is now available to build, that is, so long as you have 40 Stone Blocks, 12 Gold Bricks, 4 Angle Finders and 12 Gloom Wolf Pelts available to actually construct it. These items can be earned either by crafting them, or by asking your friends to send them to you.

So, what will all of these items actually earn you? Once you upgrade to Level 6, your Storage Cellar's capacity will jump from 500 items to a whopping 1,000 items! That's double the capacity of the original cap! Surely, this higher storage cap will be enough to keep most players satisfied for quite some time, but if not, we'll make sure to let you know if / when additional Storage Cellar upgades launch, so stay tuned!

[Via CastleVille Quest Links]

Have you already started to upgrade your Storage Cellar to Level 6, or had you never even updated to Level 5 yet? Sound off in the comments!