FarmVille Pig-O (05/27/12): Pets aplenty for your farms

We're in luck this week in FarmVille, as the game's Pig-O "Mystery Game" has been updated with a set of new prizes, and most (if not all) farmers are being given a free Pig-O Token to drop for one of those new prizes! This week's theme is simply Animals (or pets, if you'd like), and you can win up to seven animals by playing.

A single Pig-O Token costs 20 Farm Cash for this week's game, or you can simply stick to the free Tokens you may have earned this week or in the past. If you drop a Token onto the grid, you can expect to win one of the following animals, according to the folks at FVNation.

Beech Marten
Black Shire Horse
Knobbed Hornbill
Peacock Goat
Welsh Terrier

If you can win at least one of each of these six animals, you'll win a seventh animal at no additional charge: the Papillon. While this animal is technically free, like the Mystery Game, this Pig-O game does come with the possibility for winning plenty of duplicate animals before you can finally score one of each of the six. Spend your Farm Cash wisely before deciding to dedicate that much to the game! Good luck if you're going for all seven items!

Did you drop your free Token on this week's Pig-O board? Which prize did you win? Let us know in the comments!
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