FarmVille Mystery Game (05/27/12): Add a touch of romance to your farms


This week's FarmVille Mystery Game contains a touch of romance in the world of animals and decorations, as we've seen six new items release in the game that have a romantic or "wedding" theme. If you've saved up a few free Mystery Game Darts, you can avoid the 16 Farm Cash cost associated with this week's Mystery Game, but either way, each dart thrown at this week's board will give you a chance of scoring the following six items, according to FarmVilleFreak.

Bride Horse
Ring Carrier Dog
Romantic Chateau
Romantic Elephant
Romantic Pool
Tropical Wedding Tent

As with other Mystery Games, this one comes with a special seventh prize that you can earn for "free" if you manage to win one of each of the six prizes above: a pair of Kissing Penguins. Of course, earning this final prize can be a costly adventure, as you might end up winning duplicates of the above prizes in your efforts to win one of each unique item. We wish you the best of luck if you try to earn them all!

What do you think of the prizes in this week's Mystery Game? Did you throw any darts at the board? Which item(s) did you win? Sound off in the comments!