Pioneer Trail Prize Pig Contest: Everything you need to know


While pigs have been a large part of Pioneer Trail since the beginning of the game, we're now being given a chance to actually grow pigs to previously unreachable levels, and will have a chance to win blue ribbons in the process. This comes by way of a Prize Pig Contest, which comes with some goals to complete along the way.

You'll have a chance to grow at least five pigs, and are given a week to grow each pig before it needs to be weighed in the in-game contest. To feed each pig, you'll need tons of Hog Chow, which can be crafted using Ground Corndogs (actually made of tofu) and Sugary Shortening. You can earn the Shortening by asking your friends to send it to you, while the Corndogs drop at random when tending Corndogs on your Homestead or rarely when tending Corn. Each pig has four levels of growth to the "Fully Grown Prize Pig" level, with the levels requiring the following number of tends each:

First Growth - 2 Tends
Second Growth - 5 Tends
Third Growth - 10 Tends
Fully Grown Prize Pig - 15 Tends

On top of feeding the pigs, you can ask your friends for help in allowing them to grow, reducing the amount of individual tends you'll need to perform to make one an adult, and you can also start the weighing contest early (that is, without waiting the full 7 days), if you happen to reach the Fully Grown Prize Pig stage with time left over. Here's a rundown of how to finish off this feature's goals!

Making Bacon

  • Place the Prize Pig Pavilion

  • Buy & Place a Prize Pig

  • Feed Hog Chow to any Prize Pig 3 Times

Rewards: 200 XP, 200 coins, Prize Pig Certificate (needed for building the Pavilion)

Call the Doctor

  • Feed How Chow to any Prize Pig 12 Times

  • Harvest 60 Corn

  • Upgrade Prize Pig Pavilion

Rewards: Angus Cow, Doc's to do List, unlock of the Cookiedough Pig


  • Tend 15 Angus Cows on your Homestead

  • Feed 20 Hog Chow to Cookiedough Pig

  • Upgrade Prize Pig Pavilion

Rewards: 800 XP, Butterscotch Prize Pig, Doc's Pig Secrets

Pig Whisperers

  • Harvest 40 Habaneros

  • Tend a Prize Pig 5 Times after its Weigh-In

  • Finish the Prize Pig Pavilion

As you complete this feature, you'll also be able to complete the Prize Pig Collection, receiving 1,000 XP and three Hog Chow in the process.

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Prize Pig Contest feature? Do you think you'll be able to grow all of the pigs to adulthood in the time provided? Sound off in the comments.