Hidden Chronicles Doggone Dog Quests: Everything you need to know


A new three-part quest series has launched in Hidden Chronicles this week called Doggone Dog. The story sees a champion show dog, a Yorkie named Goldie, being kid-- err, dognapped, and you being asked to investigate a diamond collar for clues as to her captors and location. There are 12 quests just in this first part of the series, and while three new scenes will eventually be available to unlock, only two are accessible as of this writing.

Doggone Dog: 1 of 12

  • Have 3,750 coins

  • Place Dog Park

  • Play 3 Games of FastFind

The Dog Park costs 2200 coins to purchase in the store and, once built, will offer your manor 450 Estate Points. You'll only need to ask four friends to come work as staff in this building to finish it, so make sure to ask right away to finish it off quickly. Complete this first quest and you'll receive 220 coins and 40 XP.

Doggone Dog: 2 of 12

  • Play 2 Scenes

  • Get 5 Dog Sweaters

  • Get 3 Dog Carriers

The Dog Sweaters are earned via a general news post on your wall, while the Dog Carriers are earned via individual requests. You'll earn another 220 coins and 40 XP for finishing this one.

Doggone Dog: 3 of 12

  • Play 3 Games of FastFind

  • Get 5 Leashes

  • Finish the Dog Park

The rewards for this quest are 220 coins, 40 XP and the "Goldie's Kennel" scene.

Doggone Dog: 4 of 12

  • Play the Goldie's Kennel Scene

  • Place the Luxury Dog House

  • Get 3 Bandanas

The Luxury Dog House will appear in your inventory, and will give you 525 Estate Points, once you finish it all off (it's an item collection building, requiring six different items in bulk to finish). You'll receive 250 coins and 45 XP for completing this quest.

Doggone Dog: 5 of 12

  • Hide 3 Secret Packages

  • Earn 2 Trophies in Goldie's Kennel Scene

  • Get 5 Ball Chuckers

Rewards: 250 coins, 45 XP, Greyhound Statue (worth 32 Estate Points)

Doggone Dog: 6 of 12

  • Find Blue Ribbon in Goldie's Kennel scene

  • Get 3 Bumper Stickers

  • Get 5 Flying Discs

The Bumper Stickers come from a general news post, while the Flying Discs come from individual requests sent to friends. In order to find the Blue Ribbon, you'll simply need to play the Goldie's Kennel scene enough times to allow the Blue Ribbon to randomly appear in the list of hidden objects you're required to find.

We've made it to the halfway point of this Doggone Dog event, and will be sure to update this guide as we learn more about the rest of the Doggone Dog quests and what you can expect to face along the way.

[Via and image credit: HCH Blog]

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