FarmVille Serve Money Tree: Everything you need to know


When the Serve farm launched in FarmVille earlier this month, we were told that there was the possibility for a Serve Money Tree to launch on our farms. This exciting update has become real this week, as you can now complete a Serve themed quest in the game and will receive a Serve Money Tree to place on your farm.

The quest asks you to simply place the Serve Money Tree on your farm (it will be given to you automatically, but only if your Gift Box is below the 5,000 item limit) and then harvest from it once. Luckily, you won't have to wait two days for the Serve tree to become ready to harvest (as with other FarmVille trees), as this one can be harvested instantly. You'll receive a single Farm Cash for doing so, and can earn up to 7 Farm Cash in total if you choose to do nothing else. If you plan to sign up for a Serve card via American Express (we brought you the full details of that partnership earlier this week), you'll be able to upgrade the Serve Money Tree three times, to eventually earn up to 360 Farm Cash in total.

As for the Serve Money Tree quest we mentioned above, you'll be able to finish it off by watching a video about Serve, and will receive a special, exclusive Serve Parrot when you finish the entire quest, along with 500 XP and 1,000 coins.

Even though this quest only takes a matter of minutes to complete, you'll still have the next six days to finish it off. Just make sure to complete these simple steps at some point so as to not miss out on your free Farm Cash and Serve themed Parrot for your farm!

What do you think of this Serve Money Tree? Will you sign up for an actual account to earn more Farm Cash, or will you stick with the 7 Farm Cash this base tree offers? Sound off in the comments.