In Memoriam: Five Facebook War Games for Memorial Day Weekend

Five Facebook War Games Memorial Day Weekend
Memorial Day, one of Murrica's most beloved national holidays, is this coming Monday, May 28. It's one of the few days in the year when nearly everyone in the U.S. scores a long weekend. What better way to honor our brave men and women in service than to send virtual soldiers into the trenches for digital glory? (Wait, that doesn't sound right.)

OK, what better way to spend the long weekend than play some good old (and free!) strategy games on Facebook? (Much better.) With that, here are five war games that you should most definitely enlist in and go to battle with this weekend. [Click each game's title to play!]
Armies of Magic
Armies of Magic
While this gem observes men and women (and goblins) in a more ... dated uniform, it's nonetheless one of the most interesting strategy games on Facebook at the moment. Playdom took a note from the side-scrolling castle defense world and applied that to a game of resource management and strategic use of units. Armies of Magic has a combat system and art style you won't soon forget.
Ghost Recon Commander
Ghost Recon Commander
While we didn't necessarily dig this new release from Ubisoft and Loot Drop for its lack of action, nothing seems to hit closer to who and what Memorial Day is all about honoring than Ghost Recon Commander. This shooter is too light on the action that fans of the genre have come to expect, but it makes interesting use of your friends that other games haven't done nearly as well.
Amry Attack
Army Attack
This strategy hit is unlike anything we've played on Facebook, employing an intriguing tile-based combat system in which players vie for control of an ever-expanding map while attacking various enemies all the while. Digital Chocolate's war game is slightly reminiscent of chess, with players forced to consider position as well as what units match best against which enemies. Looking for strategy in every move? Army Attack jut might be for you.
War Commander
War Commander
If you seek more grit in your game, then Kixeye's skirmish simulator is where it's at. Out of all the strategy games on Facebook, War Commander has a closer connection to the gems of old in the genre (i.e. the Command & Conquer series and Starcraft). Those out for a bit of nostalgia, mixed in with some social play and good ol' gore, should look no further.
Empires & Allies
We would be remiss not to include the most popular strategy game on Facebook in a list of war games. Zynga's take on what more "hardcore" developers started distills those complex concepts into something that's not only easier to understand, but way more lighthearted and cute. Again, E&A uses a combat system not found in most strategy games on the network, but rather one found in one the greatest strategy series in recent memory, Advance Wars.

What is your favorite war game on Facebook? How do you plan to kick back and relax this Memorial Day Weekend? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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