Zynga sends the undead to our office to promote Zombie Swipeout

zynga undead
It's just another day in the office, checking the news feeds and setting the day's story lineup, when, suddenly, a trio of moaning zombies drop by with a cooler full of Blood Pops.

No, it's not the beginning of some strange epidemic, these charitable zombies are part of a marketing stunt by Farmville-maker Zynga to promote its new mobile social game, Zombie Swipeout. The undead started at the Games.com offices this morning, and are shuffling their way around Manhattan through the early afternoon (another horde will be making the rounds in San Francisco today as well).

zynga zombie swipeout blood pops
In this iOS game, compete weekly with friends to see who can obliterate the most zombies. Your fingers are your weapon of choice, and by swiping the screen you will be able to "slash, smush, bludgeon, freeze and explode" waves of cartoon undead. There will be a collection of weapons and special powerups, such as grenades, rope bombs and liquid nitrogen, at your disposal as well. You won't be able to dismember all willy-nilly, though. It'll take some strategic swiping to avoid attacking the game's one lone survivor, Joey.

Zombie Swipeout on iPhone
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Zynga sends the undead to our office to promote Zombie Swipeout

Zombie Swipeout sounds like a great way to blow off steam after a long day at work/school/wherever -- kind of like Fruit Ninja with the walking dead. We'll see if this game makes our zombie dismemberment dreams come true when it arrives in "several weeks."
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