Driver's Wanted in this week's The Sims Social theme

The Sims Social Drivers Wanted
It seems like it's time to take your Sim for a spin this week. Playfish has updated The Sims Social with a new weekly theme, titled "Driver's Wanted," and with it has introduced the Simdan, a shiny new whip available in black, red, blue, white and pink. In order to score your Sim's new set of wheels, however, you'll have to complete a series of quests.
The Sims Social Venus to Fashion Desk
The quests, of course, involve checking out Bella's new hotness, going to driving school and helping your friend Chloe choose a car to purchase. Completing all three of these quests will allow you to get behind the wheel, paint your car in several colors and--you guessed it--WooHoo. (Really, would it be a The Sims Social update without it?)
The Sims Social Simdan Car
With shiny new cars comes shiny new items to play with. This update brings the Venus to Fashion Desk, which allows players' Sims to stitch and sew their own clothing, like rad driving gear. Along with a brand new car, Sims can score the latest in iPlum technology to make sure they're keeping up with the Joneses in Littlehaven in more ways than one. Alright, we know all you care about is cars that your Sims can drive, so have at it already.

Are you psyched to have your Sim learn to drive in The Sims Social? What other features would you like to see in the game? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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