Game of the Day: Factory Balls 2


You're going to need balls as well as brains to play this one. Lucky for you, the balls come provided. In today's Game of the Day, Factory Balls 2, you need to decorate a ball so it matches the image on the shipping box. To do this, drag and drop your ball over various tool icons that each change your ball. The key to winning is to use each of those tools in the correct order, so basically, this is a logic and a real-world physics game.

While you're not penalized for not getting things right all the time, you can't keep chucking your spherical failures at the recycling bin. You start the game off with a certain number of white balls and these will get used up if you're not careful. But I trust that you can figure out what's salvageable. Beating this game also requires a certain level of creative smarts. If you're up to the challenge, then Factory Balls 2 is the game for you!

Play Factory Balls 2!

How many levels have you reached in Factory Balls 2?