Bubble Blitz: Bubble popping excitement with a 60-second twist


When you think of bubble popping games on Facebook, your mind probably imagines the likes of Lost Bubble, Bubble Witch Saga or even Bubble Safari, all games that have a level-based format and an arguably slow pace. If you'd like your bubble-popping experience to be a more hectic and ultimately exciting one, you can now try out PlayQ's Bubble Blitz on Facebook, a game that combines that standard bubble-popping formula with a 60-second time limit.

Like the master of the 60-second gameplay formula, Bejeweled Blitz, Bubble Blitz allows you to play as many 60-second games as your energy bar will allow, with your five energy recharging every few minutes (or whenever you reach a new experience level). During your 60 seconds, you'll be able to shoot as many bubbles as possible towards the top of the screen, eliminating massive sections of bubbles at a time in a template that forever drops from the top of the gameplay area. Bubble arrangements vary throughout each game, but most allow you to cause massive explosions with dozens of bubbles falling out of the way, with these "freed" bubbles working to increase your score multiplier for that particular game.

At the end of each game, your score multiplier will offer you bonus points via special golden bubbles that offer seemingly random amounts of points, and you can compare your point totals to those of your friends via the game's leaderboard (which resets every few days). As you level up, you'll unlock new features like Juice, which appears in the middle of some bubbles and helps you unlock magical doors as you free enough individual Juice units.


Technically speaking, Bubble Blitz comes with all of the design choices you'd expect, like the ability to bounce bubbles off of walls for trick shots, the ability to press your space bar to swap between two bubbles in your cannon and so on. Regardless of your own skill level, the pace here is much faster than in other games in the bubble-popping genre, with bubbles simply moving faster out of the cannon, reducing the amount of wasted time. There's still an element of luck in play, as you may not have access to the proper colored bubble to cause a massive explosion, but the same can be said of any game in the genre.

Putting it simply, Bubble Blitz is an extremely fun game that comes with all of the addictive qualities that makes these games dangerous to your productivity. Our only major complaint comes when you eventually run out of lives and need to wait for your energy to recharge, as it forces us to stop playing. If that's the only thing we can really complain about, though, I'd say Bubble Blitz is doing pretty good.

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