This is what Pocket Planes looks like in flight [Video]

Pocket Planes
Pocket Planes

Figuratively speaking, of course. The creator of Tiny Tower has released the first official trailer for its next would-be mobile hit, Pocket Planes. Looking to do the same for flight simulators that it did for property sims, NimbleBit is poised to make running an airline somehow an enjoyable experience. You know what? We think the guys might have a chance.

Can you deny those adorable pixel people as they sit patiently mid-flight in their aircraft of choice? We didn't think so. But for the statistic lovers out there, Pocket Planes promises to have plenty for you. How does over 60 different types of planes--each one customizable with new paint jobs and upgrades--sound? What about the ability to fly both passengers and cargo on your ever-expanding airline?

Oh, and we almost forgot about the pilot uniforms, the 250 cities to expand into, the leaderboards to you stack up against your friends, the worldwide group events and a way to trade plane parts with friends. Better get ready to say buh-bye to free time.

[Via TouchArcade]

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