Game of the Day: Solitaire: FreeCell Penguin


Three computer games that most people are familiar with are Mindsweeper, Solitaire, and FreeCell. We have Microsoft Windows to thank for that since it always came bundled with those games. That said, today's Game of Day won't be a complete stranger -- Solitaire: FreeCell Penguin. This version plays like Microsoft's FreeCell, but comes with a new look and some spiffy options.

So what's new, you say? The playing field is divided into three parts: Foundation, Cell, then Tableau. Cards need to get stacked in Foundation, at the top. Cell are placeholders for cards and only hold one at a time. Tableau are all your movable cards.

At the bottom of the game is a tab for "My Solitaire Albums", which contains two free themes of backgrounds and card decks. (The second theme is shown in our screenshots.) Six more backgrounds and two more card decks are available under the categories of "Great Outdoors" and "Italian Holiday", but you'll have to earn those with wins.

Game Options also include hints, and if you have it turned on, the game will indicate which cards you should click next. Mostly, you'll see red sashes, but a beige sash means the card can go into the Foundation stacks. If Auto Complete is on, the game will automatically send the cards to the corrects stacks for you. Intrigued? Then come check out Solitaire: FreeCell Penguin today!

Play Solitaire: FreeCell Penguin!

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