Draw Something hopes you're ready to doodle DreamWorks characters

Draw Something Madagascar
Draw Something Madagascar

If there's one other reason why Zynga might have been excited to gobble up OMGPOP aside from its (dwindling) oodles of Draw Something players, it was the advertising opportunities. Hot off the heels of Zynga's deal with the National Hockey League, Dow Jones reports that the company will soon bring DreamWorks' upcoming Madagascar threequel to the Pictionary for phones.

The ad deal, which is set to launch in conjunction with the debut of Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted in theaters, will include banner ads, video trailers and relevant words to draw in the game. According to Dow Jones, the deal cost between $250,000 and $500,000, which sounds huge to us, but is reportedly normal for the two companies.

"This is the largest place where we can have this type of interaction," DreamWorks marketing head Anne Globe told Dow Jones. "It seems as though everywhere you go, everyone is drawing something." Globe was drawn to Draw Something--pun intended, and no, we're not ashamed--by her 10-year-old daughter's fascination with the game.

Now, Draw Something just made a pretty penny for Zynga, hemorrhaging players or not. What's better (for Zynga) is that the company reportedly has other major advertising deals in the works for the mobile hit, according to Dow Jones' nameless sources. So, if you happen to see the word "penguin" in Draw Something, now you know what's up.

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