Angry Birds Friends hits you with new levels every week on Facebook

Angry Birds Friends logo
Angry Birds Friends logo

How's that for more levels, huh? Rovio has announced that its Facebook version of Angry Birds has officially left its open beta phase and is now known as Angry Birds Friends. This final version of Angry Birds on the social network isn't terribly different from what's already there save for a few much-welcome enhancements.

Firstly, Rovio has taken a page from the "Blitz Bible," so to speak, and introduced weekly tournaments in Angry Birds Friends. A new tournament will start every Monday, pegging four levels as the battlefields. The first, second and third place players will earn a trophy that's forever theirs, unlike the crowns awarded for high scores.

Oh, and about those four new levels every week--they're exclusive to the game's new tournament mode. Looks like the wimps uncompetitive players will just have to suck it up and become contenders if they want to take a stab at new levels every week. In addition to trophies, placing players will earn bonus power-ups for their achievements in pig impalement. Just like that, Rovio found a way to stay on the charts.

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