You Don't Know Jack is crude, hilarious fun on Facebook


First released back in 1995, You Don't Know Jack received a rebirth of sorts last year, being revamped for a modern audience on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and DS. Regardless of the platform, You Don't Know Jack is a trivia test best served as a party game, limiting the amount of fun you can have staring at your own TV screen by yourself. In comes a Facebook version to ensure that that never happens, as you will be able to play the game (asynchronously) with anyone on the platform.

Available to play online only in closed beta (as of this writing), You Don't Know Jack looks to be one of the best ports we've seen of a modern console game to Facebook. Gameplay is setup into "television episodes," with short segments containing different themes combined into a single game. One segment, the Jack Attack, might ask you to click on the screen when two words or phrases appear that match a particular theme, while other segments might have you answering multiple choice questions based on pop culture and history.

You'll compete against other Facebook gamers for cash, and will receive bonus cash if you answer questions correctly before your opponents. On the other hand, answering a question wrong drains your virtual bank account. At the end of a game, the money you've earned will help you increase your in-game level, which also helps you earn free episodes (free episodes are also earned every day).


Above all else, You Don't Know Jack is definitely an adult game, with crude humor, foul language, and content otherwise inappropriate for children. If you have the maturity to handle the content, the voice acting (by the television shows' "host"), in-game achievements and both audio and visual "commercials" are hilarious, making this one Facebook game you'll want to check out when it goes live.

If you'd like to check out You Don't Know Jack, you can try to secure a spot in the closed beta by clicking on this link. Here, you should be prompted to sign up for the beta, if spaces are still available.

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